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What are the end uses of polyester?

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Polyester finds a wide range of applications since it is the most versatile and less expensive synthetic fiber.

• Apparel application: These include outerwear, shirts, trousers, suits, costume, leisurewear, rainwear, ties and scarves. One interesting feature of polyester is that its tenacity remains unaltered in wet making it’s a suitable fabric to be used for raincoat and umbrella. High strength sewing thread is also made from staple yarns.

• Industrial application: Automobile belts, tire cords, ship sails, geotextiles, artificial blood vessels and other medical textiles.

• Home textiles: In the home, polyester finds its use in quilted articles and waddings in interlinings. Also used in bath towels and kitchen towels due to the presence of microfibers on its surface.

• Thus, the polyester is a highly blendable fabric finding its application in woven, knitted and non-woven constructions.

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