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What are the properties of polypropylene fiber?

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Let us now discuss the properties of polypropylene:

Physical Properties:
• Tenacity: The value of tenacity for polypropylene ranges from 2.5-5.5g/den depending on the end-use.
• Elongation and elastic recovery: The elasticity of polypropylene is quite good and while elongation varies from 40-100%.
• Resiliency and Abrasion Resistance: The resistance to wear and tear along is good in polypropylene.
• Density: The fabric is quite lightweight and even lighter than water and is about 0.9g/.
• Moisture regain: The moisture regain property of polypropylene is poor and accounts for about 0% but possesses good moisture transport by wicking.
• Thermal Properties: Polypropylene fibers have low thermal conductivity. • Polypropylene fibers have a softening point around 150°C and a melting point at 160-170°C. Polyester fiber is thermoplastic in nature and can be easily heat set and thus softened and shaped accordingly.

Chemical Properties:
• The polypropylene fabric exhibits good resistance to acid, alkalis and organic solvents

Other Properties:
• The polypropylene fabrics have poor or no dye uptake because the fibers do not absorb water owing to their plastic nature and thus the water-based dyestuff cannot be fixed or enter into the fiber structure.
• Excellent resistance to moth, mildew, bacteria and fungi is imparted by polypropylene fabric.
• The thermal and electrical insulation property is excellent and can retain heat for a longer time and this property is used for making winter wear.
• The static charge build up is not a property of polypro fabric as they are non-polar structures.
• The polypropylene fabric degrades in strength in the presence of sunlight and UV radiations.

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