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What is sympatex fabric?

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Sympatex is a type of functional textile which is branded as waterproof but breathable. This fabric was made or licensed by the German company SympaTex Technologies GmbH. Sympatex fabric was developed as an eco-friendly alternative to other waterproof and functional fabrics, such as Gore-Tex which is made from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). PTFE is known for its negative effects on the environment.

A Dutch conglomerate called the Akzo Nobel Group created the brand Sympatex in 1986. Though it was a Dutch national, the headquarters of Sympatex was located in Wuppertal, Germany. But in the year 2003, SympaTex Technologies GmbH was purchased by a German company called Ploucquet. After this, the Sympatex brand became especially focused on producing functional apparel for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. The word “Sympatex” is an amalgamation of two words which are “sympathetic” and “textiles”.

Sympatex fabric is made from a blend of polyester and polyether, and it is claimed to be 100 percent recyclable, though both the raw materials, polyester, and polyether are not biodegradable. The only way to reduce the environmental impact of Sympatex fabric is to recycle the material properly. The main features of Sympatex fabric are that it’s breathable, 100% waterproof, and windproof. Although the fabric is impermeable to liquid water, it still allows water vapor to pass through it. Hence it’s breathable in nature.

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