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Where are the end uses of coffee ground fiber and its certifications?

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• S.Caffe fabric has been utilised for the manufacturing of apparel, activewear, underwear, bedding and footwear. Owing to its fast-drying property and UV protection it is used extensively for making yoga pants and jeans.
• Singtex has developed some private brands:

• Mylithe which uses an “air texture” method to give the fabric a cotton-like feel while maintaining its original properties.
• Eco-stretch uses a special fiber and structural design which gives more comfort to the wearer as compared to conventional stretch fabrics and is an eco-friendly fabric.
• Sefia is another green artificial fiber made using wood pulp and S.Cafe high-tech functional powder. This fiber is biodegradable and can be easily converted into cellulose. Additionally, sefia possess properties such as high tensile strength and dimensional stability, moisture absorption, excellent lustre and drape.

• S.Cafe Ice Café yarn is able to cool down the temperature of our skin about 1 to 2oC compared to common fabrics. The fabric itself has a cooling feel.

• Singtex, in order to maintain its standards, has achieved certain internationally recognised eco-friendly certifications, such as Blue Sign, Oekotex and Cradle-to-Cradle.

• In order to expand its market, Singtex has also collaborated with various top apparel brands such as Timberland, Rumi X, American Eagle (made coffee jeans), North Face and Puma. Smaller brands like Sundried, Five12 Apparel and Ecoalf are also trying to fully analyse the potential of recycled coffee fabric. These brands are able to incorporate S.Cafe technology into their merchandise helping to build a sustainable garment industry.

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