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What are the benefits of faux leather?

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There are a lot of reasons why man-made or synthetic leather is preferred over real leather. Let’s discuss some of the advantages of faux leather when compared to real leather:

• Affordable: The raw material and the manufacturing process of faux leather is much more economical than that of genuine leather.
• Durable: Since faux leather is made from plastic hence they are very durable and have much a longer life. Unlike genuine leather, synthetic leather is prone to cracking and peeling. It is resistant to stains, ultraviolet (UV) light and it can also withstand scratches and scrapes.
• Versatile: Unlike genuine leather, the surface of synthetic leather can be modified as per end needs. Hence the different flaws can be eliminated. There can be a lot of variations like grains, color, textures, coatings, etc which can be made easily on the surface of synthetic leather through various techniques of dyeing and printing.
• Easy manufacturing: The main disadvantage of genuine leather is that it is difficult to cut and sew. This disadvantage is overcome in faux leather as it is very easy to cut and sew. While sewing the synthetic leather, the thread used blends seamlessly and even the needle marks are less prominent than real leather.
• Easy maintenance: The product made from faux leather can be cleaned using a cloth and warm water very easily because it does not retain moisture. Even the stains of ink, stains of any beverage or food item, etc can also be cleaned easily using a wet cloth. Hence synthetic leather does not require any kind of time-consuming maintenance or cleaning agents.
• Dyeability: Unlike genuine leather which is only available in limited colors, synthetic leather can be dyed in a variety of colors.
• Cruelty-free: Since faux leather uses synthetic materials and materials derived from plants and is manufactured in factories. Hence there is no scope of harming animals during its production.
• Free from tanning chemicals: The chemicals which are used for the tanning process of real leather are toxic in nature and emit a lot of toxic gases and effluents. These effluents pollute the land and water bodies that affect the nearby environment and aquatic life very badly. Apart from being toxic, a lot of energy and water resources are used during the modern tanning process.

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