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What are the properties of lyocell?

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• Longitudinal and Cross-section: The L.S. of lyocell fiber is smooth and cylindrical with no striations while the C.S. is close to circular.
• Tenacity: The tensile strength of lyocell high is wet and dry conditions owing to high crystallinity and orientation.
• Elongation and elastic recovery: Low elongation at the break due to high crystallinity is often viewed in lyocell fiber but they are quite elastic.
• The fibers are resistant to wrinkling and bending.
• The lyocell fiber has good moisture absorbency and breathability.
• Lustrous and bulky along with soft hand are aesthetic properties of lyocell fiber.
• The fibers also exhibit good drape, thermal resistance and anti-bacterial.
• Lyocell fibers, however, pose a certain problem when dyed because of less surface energy and fibrillation (splitting of a single fiber into microfibers). However, this drawback can be overcome by the application of chemical finishes and pre-treatment.

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