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POY stands for Partially Oriented Yarn (POY). It is the primary form of Polyester yarn and is also known as Polyester Pre-Oriented Yarn. The yarns which are manufactured from polyester chips using the molten spinning method in the form of continuous filaments or directly from PTA & MEG are known as Partially Oriented yarn. These types of filament fibers usually have low strength but have a very high percentage of elongation.

Partially Oriented Yarns are available in different lustre such as Semi-Dull POY, Full Dull POY and Bright POY. in Bright POY the shine is mainly due to the cross-sections in the filaments. Mostly dope dyeing technologies are used to dye partially oriented yarns. This is because dope dyeing technology is more efficient and dyeing is more even in nature. Textured yarns can also be made from partially oriented yarns by applying mechanical processes. These textured yarns are called Drawn Textured Yarn (DTY).

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