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How is sympatex fabric made?

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Sympatex uses polyester and polyether as its raw material. Both these materials are derived from fossil fuels such as coal and oil.
The manufacturing of Sympatex fabric is done in the following stages:

• Forming the monomer: Polyester is formed in monomer form and to do that, ethylene glycol is reacted with dimethyl terephthalate in the presence of a catalyst.

• Creating the molten polymer polyester: After this, at a higher temperature the polyester monomer is reacted with dimethyl terephthalate to create molten polymer polyester.

• Extrusion of polymer: In this stage the molten polyester polymer is then extruded from the chamber in form of long, thin ribbons.

• Breaking the ribbons: After cooling down, these materials become brittle. After which they are broken into small chips.

• Extrusion of polymer chips: These polymer chips are then melted and extruded from a showerhead-like device with lots of holes called spinneret. Depending on the desired shape of the fiber, the model of the spinneret is chosen.

• Drawing: After the polyester is extruded into long fiber, they are soft and supple and can be stretched up to seven times its original length. This process of stretching the fibers is called drawing.

• Winding and weaving: The resulting yarns are then wounded onto spools which are then sent for weaving the fabric.

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