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What are the limitations of spandex fiber?

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Although spandex fibers have a lot of benefits like it is flexible, has high durability and provides great comfort and fit. Researchers have proved that spandex material can stretch up to 500 percent without any tear or ripping. But, with these advantages, there are certain limitations of this fiber. The chemical composition of spandex fiber makes it heat sensitive. Spandex has a very low heat resistance which means that it gets distorted after coming in contact with flame. Hence clothing that contains spandex has special care instructions because washing with hot water or ironing at high temperatures will ruin the fabric permanently.

The hygroscopic nature of spandex fiber is its main disadvantage. The clothing made from spandex materials has very low breathability, which traps the moisture, sweat and bad odor near the skin. This might result in skin rashes and various skin infections. This is the main reason that spandex material is not preferred in clothes for sweat-inducing activities such as exercising. White color clothing made from spandex materials turns yellow after a certain time. Moreover using bleaching agents on spandex materials harms the quality of the fabric.

Further using spandex in clothing makes the clothes very slippery and smooth which lowers the friction between the clothing and the surface. This may create a risk to the wearer, especially during riding bikes. To avoid all these limitations of these spandex fibers, spandex is rarely used alone but is combined and blended with other natural and breathable fibers like cotton.

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