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What are the end uses of recycled nylon?

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Econyl is used in both the sector apparel and industrial textiles. In the apparel segment, Econyl is employed for making stockings, leggings, tights, outerwear and lingerie. Swimwear, sports-wear such as yoga pants and cycling wear and outdoor apparel are another apparel category that utilises econyl for elasticity and body fitting. Since the Econyl is quite tough and rigid it is used widely in industrial textile products such as ropes and lines. Econyl is also used in the automobile sector for its high quality, durability and safety standards and is used in car upholstery, carpeting and mats.

Aquafil currently offers two types of fiber that are Econyl Carpet fiber and Econyl Textile fiber. Econyl carpet fibers are an alternative to conventional textile carpeting material that can be used to create performance-driven carpets and rugs. Also, the Econyl carpet fibers help to build a greener home and is widely used by many carpet producers. Aquafil has collaborated with Interface, a modular flooring manufacturer that redesigned Rolls-Royce’s data entry office using carpet tiles made from Econyl yarn. Another Brazil-based rug company Punto e Filo, has also manufactured its rugs that utilize Econyl yarns. Aquafil has partnered with various other carpet manufacturers and has emerged out to be quite a popular material in the carpet industry.

Econyl textile fibers are soft and possess all the attributes just like conventional nylon. Various finish applications can also be done along with dyeing of these fibers easily. Aquafil has collaborated with various swimwear and sportswear brands such as Speedo and many more.

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