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What are the properties of jute?

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• Jute is soft, flexible and lustrous but turns brittle on exposure to air.
• Colour of jute fiber varies from yellow to brown to dirty grey. It possesses natural silky lustre. Generally, jute fiber is coarse and is harsh to feel, however, the best qualities are soft and smooth.
• Jute is a highly breathable fiber and is best suited for the fabric to be worn in hot and humid conditions.
• Jute is more durable than flax and cotton with regard to the deterioration caused by bacteria attack under damp conditions (resistant to microbial deterioration). Jute fiber is not as strong as flax or hemp.
• Jute fabric is resistant to abrasion and is thus used in industrial textile material.
• Jute fabric exhibits good moisture absorption with about 36% moisture regained at 100% relative humidity. Thus, jute has more ability to absorb moisture in comparison to cotton.
• Jute fibers are not resistant to the action of acids as the cellulose chains disintegrate in the presence of acids. Also, the mineral acids are more effective than organic acids. In addition, jute fibers possess poor resistance to alkali due to the presence of hemicelluloses.
• The jute fiber chars and burns without melting and ignites at a temperature of about 193.
• Dry jute is resistance to electrical conductivity.

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