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What are the end uses of spider silk?

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• Synthetic spider silk is still an area of research but is used for its unmatched toughness. The sectors which employ spider silk are automobile, medical and other industrial application.

• In the case of apparel, synthetic spider silk is not much popular owing to its limited availability. The spider silk for its strength is used for making bullet-proof clothing and vest and water-resistant lightweight clothing.

• Some of the companies have emerged to utilise spider silk in apparel. The pilot project launched by Spiber in collaboration with North Face to produce a Moon Parka, a jacket that could withstand harsh environmental conditions. Bolt Threads, a California based biotech company also introduces synthetic spider silk called Microsilk. The company has been able to introduce certain items of apparel like MoMA Gold Dress, a shift dress made from Microsilk created in collaboration with the designer Stella McCartney. Bold threads in 2017 also teamed up with Best Made Co. to develop a limited-edition iconic knit hat made from a blend of rambouillet wool and Microsilk fiber that was sold for $198 each. And Bold Threads in march 2017 also launched 50 limited-edition neckties made from 100% Microsilk.

• For medical application, spider silk is used in artificial ligaments and tendons for durable implants, supportive material for weak blood vessels and surgical threads and bandages.

• High-performance fibers built from spider silks can be utilised in various technical and industrial applications such as speciality ropes, fishing nets, ballistic applications and parachutes. In the automobile sector, spider silk is used for manufacturing of rust-free panels on motor vehicles or boats.

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