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What are the end uses of cuprammonium rayon?

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There are a lot of applications of cuprammonium rayon. It is used widely in the apparel sector because it is hypoallergenic, light, durable and resistant to stretching out.

• Lining fabric: When compared to cotton this material causes minimum damage to skin. Since this material has similar properties to that of silk fabric, hence has a wide application in lining fabrics. It not only controls the temperature but also reduces the static buildup which happens in the cold environment.

• Apparel: Filaments of cuprammonium rayon have a wide range of application in both woven as well as knitted materials like jersey and tricot. This material can be easily combined with natural materials such as cotton, linen, wool, silk and synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon, acrylic resulting in manufacturing a wide range of garments with a variety of properties and textures like blouses, tank tops, t-shirts, scarves, etc. These garments can be worn in all seasons as they keep warm in winters and cool in summers. Cupro is more application in thin, sheer garments like form-fitting dresses.

• Intimate wear: The lustrous, soft, and smooth finish of fabric made from cuprammonium rayon makes it suitable for manufacturing intimate wear like hosiery, socks, thermal wear, undergarments, etc. Textiles made from cuprammonium rayon are comfortable to wear, their smooth texture is gentle to the skin and they also have excellent moisture absorbing and releasing properties.

• Activewear: Garments made from cuprammonium rayon helps to release moisture and perspiration during exercise and workout activities. This moisture control property of this fabric absorbs water or sweat from the skin and releases it to the outside environment. This makes the garment skin-friendly and the wearer comfortable.

• Home textiles: Due to soft feel, comfortable texture, durable nature, anti-odor and moisture controlling properties, cuprammonium rayon has a lot of applications in home textiles. Products like towels, rugs, comforter fabric, bedding pads, insulation sheets, bed fillings, etc are being manufactured from cuprammonium rayon.

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