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What is jute?

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Jute fiber, also known as golden fiber is a bast fiber extracted from the plant stalk of a herbaceous plant with a height of about 10 feet and thus the fibers obtained are long in length. After cotton, jute is the second major commercial natural fiber of cellulosic origin which is not much famous in the western countries but has a huge demand in India. This bast fiber exists in the form of bundles or strands that are present in the fibrous layer beneath the bark of the plant. The fibers have the presence of a substance called lignin that joins them together.

The two main varieties of jute that are used to make jute fabric are Corchorus olitorius (Tossa jute) and Corchorus capsularis (white jute) of which the Tossa jute is difficult to cultivate but white jute is more widely used.

In addition, there are a lot of environmental benefits associated with this crop such as jute cultivation improves soil fertility by shedding its leaves in the field and can be grown in rotation with other crops.

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