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What is filament yarn?

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Filament yarn is yarns made from long continuous fibers or strands by either twisting them or grouping them together. When compared to staple fibers, filament fibers are much longer in length. Most of the filament yarns are manufactured from natural extruded fibers or synthetic materials by mechanical or chemical processing. They are extruded from spinnerets. Among all the natural fiber, silk is the one filament yarn.

The properties of synthetic filament yarns can be altered as per need. Some of the characteristics of filament yarns are:
• Filament yarns have a smooth, uniform, and lustrous surface
• Although the fabrics made from filament yarns have excellent strength but they have poor covering power.

Filament yarns are mainly classified into two categories:

• Monofilament yarn: Monofilament yarn is made from a single strand of filament fiber. Monofilament yarns are mostly used for manufacturing sewing threads, metallic yarns, bare elastic or fishing lines.
• Multifilament yarns: Monofilament yarn is made from two or more strands of filament fiber twisted or plied together to form one yarn. These types of filament yarns can be made from natural, non-synthetic as well as synthetic types of fibers. Multifilament yarns are mostly used for industrial purposes rather than fabric or textile production.

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