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What is the chemical composition of kenaf fiber?

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The kenaf fibers are present in the outer bark of the stalk and contribute to about 20-25% of dry weight. There is a presence of pith that is encompassed by short woody fibers largely present beneath the bark.

Kenaf is a lignocellulosic fiber that is present in the form of bundles and these bundles further consist of cells which determine the size of each bundle. In addition, it is the lignin that binds these cells together.

The chemical composition of kenaf fibers is cellulose (65.7%), lignin (21.6%), along with pectin, fats and waxes. Since the lignin content of kenaf fibers is quite low it is easy to extract fibers from the bark. Also, the bast fiber content is about 35-40% and core fiber content is 60-650% in the stalk of the kenaf plant.

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