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What are the end uses of linen?

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• Linen has been known as a popular fabric in the fashion industry for its high natural lustre and good moisture absorbency.

• Linen blends such as linen-cotton or linen-synthetic (polyester and rayon) are also used in different areas of apparel manufacturing.

• Apparel: Linen based apparel has been preferred for its aesthetic look and is used for making women dresses, pants, hats, jackets, blazers, nightwear, lingerie and underwear. Linen is a fashion fabric that is widely used by fashion designers and stylists. The thick and thin fiber bundles present in the structure of linen gives it a quite distinct structure.

• Home Textiles: Linen is used for making curtain/draperies, table cloth, handkerchief, napkins, hand and bath towels, pillow covers and bedsheets
Industrial Textiles: Covers for the gun, car seat covers, painting canvas are some applications of linen fabric in the industry.

• Apart from these apparel applications, flax fiber has a wide potential in the area of industry in the form of nonwovens and geotextiles.

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