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What are the properties of pina fiber?

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• Colour and Lustre: The fibers are ivory white to slightly yellow in colour and possess a naturally high lustre. The pina fabric is soft and translucent.
• The pineapple fibers are quite coarse in texture as compared to cotton.
• The pina fabrics are quite lightweight and translucent.
• The specific gravity is relatively low in the case of pina fibers.
• The pina fabric exhibits a good dye uptake and the native Philippines use the dyes extracted from natural sources.
• As far as laundering is concerned, the pina fabric can be home washed and does not require much of a care.
• The pina fabrics have a presence of hydrophobic waxy substances in their structure and hence moisture resistant.
• The pina fiber is often blended with other fibers such as cotton, silk or polyester.
• These fabrics are quite light and breezy so are suitable for hot tropical climates.

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