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What are the end uses of soy fiber?

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Soy protein fibers have various applications and are used as food and feed in the agriculture and food industry. It is also used as adhesives, emulsions, cleaning materials, pharmaceuticals, inks, plastics in other industries. In the textile industry, fiber is used in both apparel and home textiles. But low strength often poses a problem in the commercial application which is overcome by certain finish application or blending with other fibers.

• Apparel: Soy fibers are soft and comfortable and are widely used for making underwear, sleepwear, sportswear and children’s & infants’ clothing, dresses, cardigans, jumpers and T-shirts. It is ideal for clothing that is worn close to the skin.

• Home Textiles: Bedsheets, Towels and blankets are made using soy fiber and its blends.

Soy fibers are often blended with other fibers to enhance the property of the resultant fabric. When blended with silk, the fabric has increased lustre and drapability and this blend is used for making evening dresses and sleepwear. Soy and wool blend is employed for the production of sweaters, interlock underwear and blankets and possess properties such as reduced shrinkage and soft feel. Cashmere shawls, sweaters and coats utilise soy and cashmere blend which enhances lustre, comfort, drapability and adds puffiness. Cotton blends are characterised by the soft handle, good moisture absorption and are used for making t-shirt, infant clothing, towel and beddings.

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