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What are the end-uses of polyester chips?

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Polyester chips are used in manufacturing many quality polyester products. Industries like textile, plastic packaging, and agricultural markets have a lot of applications of these polyester chips. PET Chips are mainly categorized into three grades – Textile grade, Bottle grade, and Film grade.

High-quality PET chips that do not contain Silica & CiO2 contents are also used for manufacturing PET films. Countries like India, China, Vietnam and South Korea are among the top manufacturers of film grade PET chips. These chips are used in printing and lamination, metallization, embossing, holograms, thermal lamination, etc.

In the textile industry, these chips are used for manufacturing different types of polyester fibers such as short fiber, long fiber, etc. The yarn grade or textile grade PET chips are available in many varieties depending on their applications like Super Bright (BR Chips), Semi Dull (SD Chips), Cationic Semi Dull, and Cationic Super Bright PET Chips (CD Chips). Among these the ECDP (easy cationic-dyeable polyester) chips can be blended with other synthetic fibers such as nylon, acrylic, etc and natural fibers such as wool, hemp, and cotton to form different blended fibers. These chips are available in a predetermined size, depending on the requirements of the desired resin-chip product. Textile grade PET chips are manufactured in countries like India, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia.

Another type of PET chips that are used in manufacturing plastic bottles is known as Bottle grade chips. These chips have low processing temperature, excellent transparency and are highly finished in appearance. They are mainly of three types:

• One which is used for manufacturing drinking water bottles and mineral water bottles;
• Second, which has better strength and is highly finished. These are used in manufacturing carbonated drinks bottles, small bottles for edible oil, liquor, medicines & pet sheets.
• And the third one is used for manufacturing big packing bottles for carbonated drinks and 3-5 gallons of water bottles.

Leading manufacturing countries of Bottle grade chips are China, Taiwan, South Arabia and South Korea.

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