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What are the end-uses of aramid fibers?

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Due to the outstanding properties of aramid fibers, they are used in a wide variety of industries.

• Flame-resistant clothing: Fabrics made of aramid fibers are used in military MIL-G-181188B suits which include heat-protective clothing and helmets.
• Asbestos substitute: The use of asbestos is banned in many countries as they give rise to pulmonary diseases after being inhaled into the lungs. Hence aramid fibers are used as their substitute for producing brake linings and other products.
• Bullet-proof wear: Aramid fibers have very high strength and can retain their dimensional stability, hence aramid fibers are used to produce body armor, competing with PE-based fiber products such as Dyneema and Spectra.
• Ropes and cables: The cables made of aramid fibers are more applicable to static load situations, hence they are used as guy-wires for hydro tower erection for Hydro Quebec.
• Sporting Equipment: Many sports equipment uses aramid fibers for their production like Tennis strings, Hockey sticks, sailcloth for boats, Boat hull material, Snowboards, etc.
• Other products which are made of aramid fibers are hot air filtration fabrics, reinforced thermoplastic pipes, tires ( sulfur-modified Twaron), mechanical rubber reinforcement, wicks for fire dancing, optical fiber cable systems, drumheads, wind instrument reeds, loudspeaker diaphragms, fiber-reinforced concrete, Jet engine enclosures, etc.

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