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How is coolmax fabric made?

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The production process of COOLMAX fabric is similar to that of other types of polyester. The only difference is in the shape of fibers. The production process of COOLMAX fabric are as follows:

• Polymerization
The raw materials required for manufacturing COOLMAX fabric are derived from coal and petroleum. During the polymerization process, dimethyl terephthalate and ethylene glycol are mixed together to create a clear, molten polymer substance. After this polymer substance is cooled, it takes on the form of long, thin ribbons which are then chipped into small pieces.

• Proprietary melt spinning process
In this step the small chips of polyester are again melted and are placed in a small device that contains dozens of tiny holes called spinnerets. But the spinneret used to produce COOLMAX fabric has oblong holes that result in distinctively shaped fibers.

• Drawing
To increase the usable strength of the fibers, the COOLMAX fibers are stretched. This process also increases the durability of COOLMAX fibers. After stretching, these COOLMAX fibers are drawn onto bobbins for transportation or storage.

• Weaving
This is the last process of fabric production in which the COOLMAX fibers are either woven or knitted to form different types of fabrics which are then used to manufacture COOLMAX garments.

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