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Where is recycled nylon produced?

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Aquafil production is concentrated on two product lines, yarn for manufacturing textile flooring (BCF: Bulk Continuous Filament) and yarn for making sportswear (NTF: Nylon Textile Filament). Aquafil plants that manufacture Econyl are spread across 15 countries and 3 continents. The factories are located in the United States/ Georgia, Europe (Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Scotland and Croatia) and Asian continents (China and Thailand).

Aquafil retrieved the nylon waste from countries like Canada (British Columbia), USA, Greece, Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey, Thailand and Norway. While the cleaning process is localised at their regeneration plant in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and the polymerization process takes place at Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Arco (Italy). The company’s Kilbirnie, Scotland plant opened in 2015 while the Ljubljana, Slovenia factory was set up in 2011. Aquafil has expanded its production factories at various location due to an increase in the demand for the Econyl yarn and operates at Rayong in Thailand, Arco, Varallo Pombia, Rovereto and Cares in Italy, Cartersville in Georgia, Luna in Germany, Oroslavje in Croatia and Jiaxing in China.

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