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What are the various types of jute?

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There are four types of jute that are produced:

• White Jute: This type of jute is the most primitive type of jute and emerged in the poor region of India and was largely employed for making clothes of villagers and farmers. White jute is also called “bangla white” and is largely employed for personal and industrial use. White jute is light in colour and less durable.

• Tossa Jute: The colour of tossa jute varies from brown to off-white and is much tensile strength as compared to white jute. Tossa jute has long fibers and is used for making gunny sacks and bags.

• Mesta Jute: Mesta jute is grown in areas where climatic conditions are suitable to grow white or tossa jute. Mesta jute emerged in India during the year 1947 when India attained its independence. Mesta is a blend of Mesta plant and white jute or white jute and tossa jute

• Jute cuttings: Jute cuttings as the name suggests are the leftover jute. Jute cuttings do not exhibit much of the strength and are rough in texture. Jute cuttings are used to make bags, ropes, paper products and basic textile materials.

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