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What are the properties of spandex?

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Let us now discuss the properties of spandex.

Physical Properties:
• Length and Diameter: The fiber length and width can be controlled by the manufacturer as per the endues.
• Tenacity: The strength of spandex is twice that of rubber in both dry and wet state and ranges from 0.7-1.0g/den.
• Elongation and elastic recovery: The spandex fiber is highly elastic and the value for elasticity ranges from 600-800% with an outstanding recovery. This property of spandex is due to its structure which lies in coiled form in a relaxed state and straightens out on stretching.
• Resiliency: The resiliency of spandex is quite good and thus folding or creasing have a very little effect on the fiber. Also, the fabric imparts resistance to abrasion.
• Density: The spandex is quite lightweight and varies from 1.0-1.2g/.
• Moisture regains: The moisture regain of spandex fiber is less than 1% and is not a breathable fabric causing accumulation of moisture, sweat and bad odour.

Chemical Properties:
• Spandex fiber exhibits resistance to chemicals and can withstand chlorine bleaching and so used in swimwear.

Other Properties:
• The spandex fiber has good resistance to mildew, moth and bacteria and fungi.
• Resistance to sunlight is imparted by spandex fiber.

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