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What are the end uses of jute?

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• Jute is used in the apparel sector as a blend with wool and thus finer qualities of jute fibers are used in furnishing cloth. Although jute is not much used in the apparel sector owing to its rough structure and brittle fibers.

• Jute’s low cost, moderate strength, and availability are some of the reasons it is used for making in sacks, bags, and packing materials. Fabrics made of jute are called burlap. Burlaps are also used as insulating material.

• Jute is also used in the home for the purpose of outdoor furniture, curtains and canvas.

• Jute is largely used for transporting and storage of products. This use of fiber has been possible and practicable due to jute’s high resistance to stretching.

• Jute is also used in cattle beddings, backing for tufted carpets and carpets and linoleum tiles, tarpaulins, ropes, foot-rugs, and other fibrous floorings.

• Jute is employed in the agriculture sector for the prevention of soil erosion of jute plants and paddy fields. Jute is used to cover the sampling roots when it is planted in the field and then the root grows out the fabric bags easily and since jute is biodegradable it gets decomposed in the soil over a period of time.

• Ghillie suits used by the military troopers are made of jute fabric that help them to blend or camouflage in the surroundings.

• Bituminized jute fibers, called prefabricated bituminous surfacing (PBS), may be used for the rapid surfacing of runways, roads, roofing felts, etc. Also, a variety of jute called Jutelac may be used as a substitute for plywood and black sheet.

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