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Ilan Palacci – CEO of EverDye

Our recent interaction with Ilan Palacci, CEO of EverDye, talks about the company’s sustainable dyeing technology and its potential to transform the whole dyeing industry.

EverDye depolluting the textile industry by developing greener dyeing processes

2022-10-14 01:45:22 – France

France-based EverDye, is offering a greener, quicker, and more energy-efficient dyeing method, which helps to depolluting the textile industry. Their reusable and recyclable dye results in zero waste and better circularity.

EverDye's effective dying techniques and eco-friendly colours are revolutionizing the fashion business. They have created two environmentally friendly chemical solutions that work with the infrastructure already in place at dye facilities. Their solutions will increase their capacity for production, enable them to dye 4 times faster with 10 times less energy, and do so without using petrochemicals.

Our recent interaction with Ilan Palacci, CEO of EverDye, talks about the company’s sustainable dyeing technology and its potential to transform the whole dyeing industry.

YnFx: What is the inspiration behind EverDye?

Palacci: Amira and I met at a time of our lives where we were both looking for a way to have a positive impact on our environment, but the spark came in an unpredictable way. Amira had been working on anti-bacterial-weapons textile treatments with NATO that produced a bizarre side-effect: they were vividly colored. That was an issue at the time for her project, but it gave us an idea: what if we duplicated her technique with the sole purpose of creating colors? With most of my family working in textiles and shoes, my upbringing has always been close to the textile industry. As I explored the issues around traditional dyeing processes, it became clear that a new solution was urgently needed. Amira had witnessed firsthand the effects of pollution on the water during her studies in Sfax. We decided to grab our chance and bring her discovery to scale to shift the standards of dyeing.

YnFx: What are the various solutions offered by EverDye?

Palacci: EverDye offers two revolutionary innovations: a pre-treatment and a nano-pigment. Combined, they constitute a whole new dyeing process.

Our dye can already be used on cotton, linen, and other cellulose-based textiles. Our R&D team is developing polyesters and animal textiles materials such as silk or wool applications.

Our process acts like a magnet between the color and the medium it’s applied to. In the near future, we’re looking at developing many applications: leather, hair, makeup...We’re open to collaborations everywhere we can make an impact.

YnFx: Does EverDye's dyeing technology work for blended textiles also?

Palacci: It’s in the works! Once our pretreatment for polyesters is fully functional, we will be able to work on its behavior in adjunction with cotton. We’re looking at the end of Q2 2023 to finalize our process affinity on blended textiles.

YnFx: What are the key milestones achieved by EverDye till date?

Palacci: When we started the company a year ago, we were cooking chemicals in Amira’s garage (laughter). We have since raised 2M€ and are a team of ten. We also moved in the early summer into our own labs. We are working with four partners, brands, and manufacturers, to launch co-branded collaborations in 2023. September marked the start of the work on the industrialization of our product, to bring our solution to scale.

YnFx: What are the future plans of the company?

Palacci: We aim at creating a new standard. We want to develop our activities in a way that makes sustainable fashion accessible to everyone at scale and contributes to its inclusiveness. We’re developing our solution with the price-sensitivity in mind to make sure we can make it available and accessible to all.

Going on we will keep improving to adapt to every technology, infrastructure, fabric, and industry need - and connect with other creative industries to help them shift the ways they use color.

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