Mexico Fibre - Trend in Demand & Supply 2015
  • Mexico consumed 414,000 tons of cotton in 2014 and 325,000 tons of manmade fibre/filament, with the total declining 24% during the year.
  • Production of manmade fibre/filament totaled 202,000 tons while cotton production was at 229,000 tons accounting for 0.9% of World's production

Mexico share in world production 2014
Capital: Mexico City
Population: 118,395,054
Currency: Peso
GDP nominal: $1.327 trillion
Area: 1,972,550 km
GDP per capita: $11,224
cotton 0.94%
ASF 2.30%
nylon 0.44%
PFY 0.20%
PSF 0.45%
VFY 0.00%

report content
Global Economy in Low Gear7
Fibre Growth Slows Down in 20147
Supply and Demand in 20149
World Statistics12
World Statistics19
North America Statistics21
Mexico Statistics23
list of tables
Table 1.1. Mexico's Growth and Share of fiber8
Table 1.2. Growth of Natural Fibres' Production8
Table 1.3. Growth in Manmade Fibre / Filament wise Production8
Table 1.4. World Supplies of Fibres and Filaments in Primary Form in 201411
Table 1.5. Trends in Fibre / Filament Production12
Table 1.6. Trends in Fibre / Filament Exports12
Table 1.7. Trends in Fibre / Filament Imports13
Table 1.8. Trends in Fibre / Filament Apparent Consumption13
Table 1.9. Trends in Manmade Fibre / Filament wise Capacity14
Table 1.10. Trends in Manmade Fibre / Filament wise Production14
Table 1.11. Trends in Manmade Fibre / Filament wise Export15
Table 1.12. Trends in Manmade Fibre / Filament wise Import15
Table 1.13. Trends in Manmade Fibre / Filament wise Apparent Consumption16
Table 1.14. Trends in Natural Fibre wise Production16
Table 1.15. Trends in Natural Fibre wise Exports17
Table 1.16. Trends in Natural Fibre wise Imports17
Table 1.17. Trends in Natural Fibre wise Apparent Consumption18
Table 10.1. Global Fibre/Filament Supply and Demand19
Table 10.22. Major Fibre/Filament Supply and Demand Trends in North America21
Table 10.25 . Mexico's Growth and Share in World22
Table 10.26. Major Fibre/Filament Supply and Demand Trends in Mexico23

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