Textile Industry Reports

These reports are issued annually that covers the trends in individual products demand and supply of polyester, nylon, acrylic, viscose and cotton. It contains up-to-date ‘not easy to find’ statistics and objective analysis of the trends and recent development of the respective textile chain industry. It covers the entire value chain beginning from feedstock further to intermediate, and down to fibre and filaments. The report presents tabulation and graphical presentation of trends in demand and supply of a textile chain region-wise and country-wise from past five years.

An important aspect of this report is the long term forecast on capacity, production, apparent consumption and the likely surplus/deficit that would emerge in the next five years for the entire chain. The report also contains in-depth analysis of price drivers of the textile chain.


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  • Global statistics of demand and supply of a textile value chain
  • Major Polyester / Nylon / Cotton / Acrylic / Viscose Suppliers and Consumers
  • Growth and share of fibres and production trend in the world
  • Global trend in manmade and natural fibre/filament production, exports, imports, apparent consumption and capacity
  • World supplies of fibres and filaments in primary form

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YnFx Price Index - 17 Nov, 2018

US crude oil Futures
Trend 0%
Ethylene, NE, CFR
Trend 3.1%
Ethylene, USG, Del
Trend 0%
Ethylene, NWE, CIF
Trend -0.48%
Paraxylene, Korea, FOB
Trend 0%
Paraxylene, Rott, FOB
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News & Views

Texas harvest slow due to moist conditions

16 Nov , 2018

Dr. John Robinson, AgriLife Extension cotton marketing economist, said the lower cotton value represents a 10-plus cent discount to growers per pound harvested. He added that, Reduced quality may not lower cottons futures price at all, he said. Rather, poor quality will be reflected in discounted cash prices to individual growers. Either way, the price of base grade cotton may not be changed much from this emerging problem. Also, he said that, reduced production may also be offset by weakening export demand.

Nigra Center fiber, textile art show has winners

16 Nov , 2018

The celebration of fiber arts features a variety of works, including quilts, tapestries, felted wool sculptures, hooked rugs, textile installations, hand-woven fabrics, dyed silks, knitted clothing and others, from both contemporary artists and artists from previous generations. In addition to area craftspeople, this show features artists living in Rhode Island and Costa Rica.

Launch of CONTEXT programme for smart textile development

16 Nov , 2018

The aim of the programme is to promote exchange between experts in the field in order to generate research, development and innovation. The CONTEXT programme which is a European programme to finance the networking activities of scientific and industrial experts in smart textiles, has officially started. The project currently consists of experts from 27 European countries and Japan, its associate country. Work groups are open to all professionals in the sectors covered, and CONTEXT says the participation of industrial representatives is particularly welcome.