Textile Industry Reports

These reports are issued annually that covers the trends in individual products demand and supply of polyester, nylon, acrylic, viscose and cotton. It contains up-to-date ‘not easy to find’ statistics and objective analysis of the trends and recent development of the respective textile chain industry. It covers the entire value chain beginning from feedstock further to intermediate, and down to fibre and filaments. The report presents tabulation and graphical presentation of trends in demand and supply of a textile chain region-wise and country-wise from past five years.

An important aspect of this report is the long term forecast on capacity, production, apparent consumption and the likely surplus/deficit that would emerge in the next five years for the entire chain. The report also contains in-depth analysis of price drivers of the textile chain.


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  • Global statistics of demand and supply of a textile value chain
  • Major Polyester / Nylon / Cotton / Acrylic / Viscose Suppliers and Consumers
  • Growth and share of fibres and production trend in the world
  • Global trend in manmade and natural fibre/filament production, exports, imports, apparent consumption and capacity
  • World supplies of fibres and filaments in primary form

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YnFx Price Index - 19 Apr, 2019

US crude oil Futures
Trend 0%
Ethylene, NE, CFR
Trend 0%
Ethylene, USG, Del
Trend -2.89%
Ethylene, NWE, CIF
Trend -0.14%
Paraxylene, Korea, FOB
Trend -4.05%
Paraxylene, Rott, FOB
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News & Views

Indian cotton production estimated fall to 321 lakh bales

16 Apr , 2019

Cotton Association of India (CAI) has released its March estimate of the cotton crop for the season 2018-9 beginning from 1st October 2018. The CAI has estimated cotton crop for 2018-19 at 321 lakh bales of 170 kgs each which is lower by 7 lakh bales than its previous estimate of 328 lakh bales made during last month.

Unfortunately many company gradings on human rights and welfare remain disappointing

16 Apr , 2019

Australian fashion brands are becoming more transparent about how they make their clothes, but there is still much more to be done on workers rights, living wage and environmental impact. Thats according to the findings in the latest Ethical Fashion report, published by Baptist World Aid, which surveyed more than 130 companies with 480 brands.

Evonik to boost production of nylon

16 Apr , 2019

Evonik Industries AG is expanding production capacity for transparent nylon at its facility in Marl, Germany. The project involves debottlenecking and comprehensive optimization measures at the plant to double the production of Trogamid CX-branded nylon by the first quarter of 2020. The decision to add capacity, Evonik said in an April 8 news release, was made in response to increasing global demand for high-performance polymers.