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Fiberlinks International Company

FIBERLINKS is a leading Staple fiber supplier based in Shanghai, with dedication to provide high-value fiber and service to customers across the world. We make our business on a simple principle that is going to any length to meet our customer needs – sourcing raw material, manufacturing and delivering the right solution with the right quality/price ratio, no matter where in the world that takes us. FIBERLINKS is recognized for providing a diverse portfolio of high tech and branded fibers covering Polyester, Viscose, Polypropylene, PLA, ES Component, Nylon, Aramid and other innovated materials. Thanks to our in-depth product knowledge, souring expertise and multiple service, we ensure our products match your specific requirements in variety of markets including spinning, non-woven, furniture, bedding, automotive and filtration. Look no further than FIBERLINKS for your textile fiber product requirements.

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Jeffery Ji
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STIC, Yan An Xi Rd, 2201, Shanghai
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Shanghai, China
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Man Made Fibers

  • pattern : Dyed
  • features : Eco – Friendly

product description : Recycled Solid PSF Spec: 1.2D ~ 60D X 32 ~ 102mm Color: White, Black and Dope Dyed

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