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These reports are issued annually that covers the trends in individual country's demand and supply of natural and manmade fibre/filament industries. YnFx Country reports provides a comprehensive view of the country’s fibre production, exports, imports, apparent consumption and capacity.


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  • Country’s growth and share in world
  • World supplies of fibres and filaments in primary form
  • Trends in manmade and natural fibre/filament production, exports, imports, apparent consumption and capacity
  • Global fibre/filament supply and demand statistics
  • Major trend in the country

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YnFx Price Index - 20 May, 2019

US crude oil Futures
Trend -0.17%
Ethylene, NE, CFR
Trend 0%
Ethylene, USG, Del
Trend 0%
Ethylene, NWE, CIF
Trend -0.09%
Paraxylene, Korea, FOB
Trend 0%
Paraxylene, Rott, FOB
Trend 0%

News & Views

H&M top searched fashion site

23 May , 2019

Online marketing solution firm SEMrush updated its list of the most searched global fashion sites, and H&M took the top spot, knocking Macys to the number-two position. Russian e-commerce site Wildberries came in third. Separately, the company said it has rolled out a new platform for Amazon sellers, called Sellerly. Sellerly allows users to run a split test of different product detail pages to see which of the options gets the most views and better conversions, the company said in a statement.

Fruit-and-Veg-based fashion

23 May , 2019

Fruit and vegetables are good for us. We all know that. But what if our clothes counted towards our five a day? Would that make the planet healthier, too? We are told the one thing we can do to reduce our carbon emissions is to eat less beef, so the next step would be to wear less leather. We also know that cotton production is water-intensive and polluting. So the next generation of textiles made from apple peel, grape pulp, oranges and pineapples is here not a moment too soon. Never mind eat more greens. What we really need is to wear them.

A garment worker now the new face of fashion

23 May , 2019

Ever wondered who cut, dyed or stitched your designer dress? Now, a few ethical brands are giving those nameless karigar credit, and a share of the social media spotlight. Laxmiben Karamta, a pattern cutter who hails from the Rabari tribe, is not your usual fashion model. But just check out Gujarati handcrafted label Okhais Instagram page, and you can see a cheerful Laxmiben clad in a red lehenga and black blouse posing in front of a mirror work mud wall, cutting fabric patterns or posing in a pair of sunglasses.