SustainableFashion.Earth by YarnsandFibers.com

It all began two decades ago with an initiative - YarnsandFibers (YnFx) - to empower global textile companies with high-value textile market intelligence services. The threads of unsustainable developments in the fashion and textile industry have grown with time, propelling YnFx to become part of the solution. SustainableFashion.Earth was thus born.

SustainableFashion.Earth aims to start a dialogue and find new collaborative solutions to produce and consume sustainable textiles and fashion, creating a symbiotic relationship with our environment.

Are you aware of these issues and facts?

Resources consumed

7000 ltrs

Of water is consumed during the production of one pair of jeans and 2700 litres for one t-shirt

70 mn

Trees are cut annually to produce rayon, lyocell, modal, etc

70 mn

Barrels of crude oil are consumed for synthetic textiles

Consumption and utilization

$460 bn

Value of clothes discarded every year which consumers could continue to wear

70 lb

Volume of waste (clothes discarded) per consumer globally


More clothing pieces are consumed today as compared to 20 years ago


Reduction in utilization of clothes as compared to 15 years ago

>3 yrs

Is the life time of a clothing item in developed countries


Of bought clothes are never worn even once


Of bought clothes are discarded within one year

Waste generation


Of world's waste is generated by textiles industry


Of plastics in the ocean is due to microfibres that come from synthetic textiles

92 mn tons

Volume of textile waste generated globally


12.8 mn tons

Volume of clothing that ends up on landfills every year


Of textile waste that ends on landfills can be recycled

200 yrs

The number of years it takes for polyester to breakdown

Let's make earth happy

Push for people and planet-friendly policies
Awareness & education
Cultivate a culture of sustainability
Collaborations & partnerships
Collaborate to design sustainable processes and products