Nylon Chain report 2012

YnFx has constantly strived to establish a basic information infrastructure for the textile community over the past several years which have yielded positive results. For the past few years we have been releasing series of in-depth analytical reports on various fibre chains with global perspective. These reports are designed keeping in mind the users requirements especially the CEOs and the management team who are striving to take informed decisions. In the past, we had published four value chain reports, viz,
  • Polyester Chain Report
  • Nylon Chain Report
  • Acrylic Chain Report
  • World Fiber Report
These reports are well accepted by our users and found them to be of great input for their business planning and corporate development. Continuing with our efforts to serve you better, we pleased to release this edition of the "Nylon Chain Report: 2012". This "Nylon Chain Report: 2012" containing over 118 pages provides a comprehensive review of market trends, drivers, issues, and challenges. It is richly annotated with authoritative and unbiased objective description and hard-to-find statistical facts. The report also provides unequivocal views on future potential while throwing light on the prevailing climate in key regional markets and projections upto 2017 for Nylon filament and staple. Latest production processes, end use and derivatives along with the latest producer-wise capacity are added feature of this report. In this report we have attempted to bring to the user global trade statistics on the further downstream segment like spun yarns, fabric, carpet, nylon films and tyre cord. The electronic version is available for Euro 500 or equivalent in other currency. Hard copy is available on request with printing and postage charges extra. A brief note on the foreign trade covered in this report. There is a mismatch between import and export of a commodity for a given year. And this imbalance arise from the fact that, (a) Not all the countries report their trade data, and (b) The data source tracks select members countries only. For example, India’s export of polyester staple fibre to Angola (India’s export volume is counted in total exports), and in case Angola has not reported its trade data at all due to various reasons, it’s import will remained excluded from total import volume.
Global benzene capacity continued to witness steady expansions, predominantly in eastern parts of the world, especially Asia and the Middle East. By 2011, capacity had touched 55.5 million tons with the addition of 1.33 million tons in 2011 and 1.71 million tons in 2010. In 2011, the world caprolactam production capacity was at 4.98 million tons, rising just 0.5% over 2010. World production capacity was mainly concentrated in Germany’s BASF, the Dutch DSM, US Honeywell, Ube Industries, Japan, China Taiwan oil development, China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation and Korea Capro other companies. Nylon accounts forms the second most important man made textiles after polyester. In 2011, production volume declined 3% following the over 10% decline in the crisis ridden 2008. Production which had crossed 4 million tons in 2006 fell to a low of 3.7 million tons in 2009 post the global recession of 2008. The growth of global nylon 6 demand has been shaped in recent years by the movement of finished goods production to China from North America and the other regions, such that Northeast Asia has become the largest nylon 6 consuming region. China introduced a set of economic incentives aimed at stimulating domestic consumer demand for durable goods during the recent recession that succeeded in minimizing the local effects of the global slowdown. Demand growth in China has been much faster than nylon 6 capacity growth, increasing China's reliance on a large volume of imported materials.

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