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Welcome to the SANTEX CORPORATION for all kind of YARNS & FABRICS. Since its establishment in 1990; we are successfully engaged into Exports and Imports of YARNS & FABRICS business internationally. The objective of SANTEX CORPORATION is to provide best package to its international / domestic Customers in terms of Price, Quality. We have the intentions to have ourselves recognized by our valued customers internationally basing on our extended services in terms of customers satisfaction. We inspire to become a global servicing & trading corporation in the coming years. We pledge for business growth with a firm commitment to our inherent business values & ethics. While focusing on our core business competencies, we shall be geared to take a bold step towards calling opportunities in International trade. In today's dynamic world where every customer would ideally like to work directly with suppliers, the role of Agents like us has dramatically changed from "go in-betweens" to a "Total Service Provider" - We had anticipated this change beforehand & have changed ourselves effectively to the demands of time. A good agent will give excellent overall service to their customers by means of correct feedback on market condition & prevalent prices, quality recommendations, correct information flow between the supplier & the customer, ensuring timely shipments plus payments. Over and above this an agent need to back these all with his personal guarantee in case of any eventuality. Having known all above, it would be excellent if you could get back to us with your feedback & interest. We are always keen in developing our ' Counter - Partner ' chain throughout the world & at the same time would be interested in serving you as a sourcing agent. Given an opportunity, we shall always come up to your standards and expectations. < RANGE OF YARNS WE OFFER > * Cotton yarns from 5/1 Ne to 120/2 Ne in both ring and open end; single and folded, in many cases multi folded. * Poly/Cotton from 6/1 Ne to 60/2. * Cotton yarns; gassed and mercerized 50/1 Ne to 120/2 Ne. * Bleached Cotton and Cotton blend yarns from 5/1 Ne to 60/1 Ne. * Polyester, Polypropylene and Viscose yarns from 6/1 Ne to 60/1 Ne. * Cotton/Acrylics in 6/1 Ne to 40/1. * Specialist twist yarns including high twist and reverse twist. * Also low twist yarns for brushing and raising in Cottons, Acrylics * Fibers: PSF, Wools, BAMBOO, Soybean, Milk and Viscose.

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Irene Lee
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West 1516, 707-34, Hanshin Intervalley 24, Yeoksam-dong Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-918
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Ms. Irene
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Spun Yarn

  • pattern : Dyed
  • features : Others
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  • end use : Weaving

product description : Deal with all kind of yarns

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