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Fertichem Cotspin Limited

We are very much thankful to you for your inquiry. We are pleased to submit our company profile as under: We are a part of well-diversified group dealing in Textiles and Plywood with group turn over of USD 50 Million. As a part of our diversification program, FERTICHEM COTSPIN LIMITED has been incorporated in January 1999 with an objective to set up the most modern 100% cotton coarse count spinning unit. We have installed the latest state of the art machines from World leaders to produce the best quality cotton yarn between 4s to 20s Ne, to be used for quality applications such as, Denims, Bottom weights, Towels, bed sheets and knits. The brief outline of Plant and machinery in our different sections is as under: Open end spinning: Present Count Range: 4s to 20s Normal and Amsler slub Capacity: 400 MT / Month Machine Details: Section Manufacture Model Blow Room Trutzschler, Germany CVT 4 Card Trutzschler, Germany DK 803 / DK 903 / TC 03 Draw Frame Rieter, Swiss SB 2 / RSB D 35 Open end Schlafhorst, Germany ACO 288 SE 9 / SE 10 With Corolab Open end Amsler Slub Attachment For Slub yarn Laboratory Zellweger, Switzerland Uster Tester 4   Ring Spinning: To fulfill our customer need, we also have installed state of the art equipments to produce high quality ring slub yarn, especially suitable for denims and coarse count combed yarn, mainly going for towels. The brief profile of our new unit is as under: Count Range: 4s to 20s Ring Spun Slub Yarn (Multi Count, etc.) Type: Carded / Combed Capacity: 600 MT/Month Total Spindles: 14400 Machinery Details: Section Make Model Remarks Blow room Trutzschler BDT Card Trutzschler TC 03 Draw Fame Rieter SB 20 / RSB D 40 Comber Rieter E 65 Speed Frame Zinser 68i Ring Frame Zinser 351 54 mm Ring Dia x 260 mm Tube Length, Fancy Yarn attachment Winder Schlafhorst 338 / AC 5 TFO Volkmann VTS -09 Our product range includes, � High quality yarn for denims � Amsler Slub Open end Yarn � Ring Slub Yarn � Soft yarn for towels � Waxed yarn for Knits � Combed yarns � TFO Doubled yarn � Organic Yarn   W. Schlafhorst, Germany has appreciated our yarn quality and we are the first company in India, who has been certified by their prestigious �BELCORO� certificate. We are an ISO 9000 certified company. Our yarn is suitable for weaving on Ultra modern High speed looms. Also note that, our 80% sale is to the top brands of Denim of India as well as Bangladesh, Dubai, etc. We are exporting to more than 15 countries.

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Dharmendra Shah
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182/11, Industrial Area Phase I
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Vice President
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Spun Yarn

  • pattern : Raw
  • features : Others
  • type : Fancy
  • end use : Weaving

product description : Our product range includes, • High quality yarn for denims • Amsler Slub Open end Yarn

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