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Aero Pre-Mixing Opener
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Spinning Preparatory
Blow Room Machinery
Aeromech Textile Engineers
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Aeromech Pre-Mixing Opener portable type, comprising 3 Differen types of Beaters with large waste chamber, Adjustable gri section, Gentlyopens cotton and or Man made Fibers. User friendly, maintenance free equipment. Working width 1000mm. Out put 1000kg/hr. Trolly wheelsto move everywhere in the department and unrestricted 3/5/10 meters feed conveyor for maximum pre-mixing of bales , easily for contamination with imported geared motor

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Aeromech Textile Engineers is one of the best quality Textile Blowroom machine manufacturers. The product range are Openers, Cleaners,Wastean Dust removal Equipments. Established in 2007 and playing a p[aramount roll in Textile Industry within a short period by its technology,Sturdy, Quality,Cost effectiveness and lowpower consumption wit high production