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High Quality Syrian and Egyptian Cotton Yarn and Fabrics
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Spun Yarn
Cotton Yarn 100%
STS Syrian Textile Sales GmbH
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Cotton yarns ring spun and twists, carded and combed made from 100% Syrian premium cotton in the count range Ne 10/1 to Ne 40/1 (Nm 17/1 to Nm 68/1) from Syrian origin.

Cotton yarns ring spun and twists, carded and combed, compact, singed and/or mercerized, Siro spun or Core spun with or without Elasthan made from 100% Egyptian long staple cotton in the varieties Giza 80, 90, 86, 88 and extra long staple Giza 45, 70 in the count ranges Ne 12/1 to Ne 170/1 or extra long staple up to Ne 230/1 from the production site in Egypt.

Cotton yarns OE rotor spun and twists made from 100% Syrian premium cotton in the count range Ne 8/1 to Ne 40/1 (Nm 13,5/1 bis Nm 68/1).

The yarns and twists come on solid one way paper cones in the size 6“ and with a conicity of 4°20 at twists and 5°57 at single yarns. Yarns for dyeing can be supplied upon request on one-way plastic dye cones 4°20 or cylindrical respectively cylindrical compressable dye cones from various suppliers up to the customer requirements.

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STS Syrian Textile Sales GmbH is one of the largest importers of high quality yarns and fabrics from Syria and Egypt. We find ways of linking the Middle East to Europe – securing sources of supply from classical cotton producing countries as well as various other offshore suppliers which have been certified by our company. We invite you to discover the wide variety of our production capabilities and extraordinary service.

The raw material of which our yarns and fabrics are manufactured stems from classical premium varieties of the Middle East – specifically from the cotton growing regions in Syria and the Giza proveniences of Egypt, with its growing regions along the Nile river and the Nile delta.