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CAN BUS/DeviceNet/CANOpen Redundant Link Module
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This product is CAN protocol fieldbus redundant module; achieve the exchange between single bus and redundant dual bus, which can connect CAN single port device to redundant bus network. Real-time monitoring communication status, when working port receiver detect the fault frame, char error, consecutive busy and falling short of protocol error or bus consecutive busy for a long time, will close this port, and then activate the redundant port as working port. Ci-aa21 series support the fieldbus based on CAN2.0A/B: CAN、DeviceNet、CANOoen、SDS、NMEA2000、SAE J1939、SAE J2284 and so on, rate set by DIP switch (recommend) or rate adaptive optional, support CAN bus normally used rates. Shenzhen Comark Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional industrial networking equipment supplier; equipments done adopt the latest technology with their own completed intellectual property rights, launched the products with the features of industry’s innovative.

The equipment can be set after CAN device, change single cable bus to redundant bus, also can change the redundant cable to non-redundant cable, meanwhile featured Opto-isolation, reducing interference and other functions. Products designed as industrial class, IP30 protection grade, wave pattern aluminum casing, 35mm DIN rail installation, DC (9-36) V, widely power input, featured relay alarm output, dual power redundant, isolation protection and other advantages.


 Support 3 channels of independent CAN bus, include CAN2.0A and CAN2.0B, 32 kinds of pre-communication rate.

 DeviceNet、CANOoen bus support DIP switch manually set all the standard rates or rate adaptive

 6 pcs of LED status indicators with dual-color, power fault relay output alarm.

 Electric interface 4000V thunder-proof, 1.5A overcurrent protection, 600W surge protection. Industrial design, EMC test certificate.

 DC9-36V wide temperature redundancy dual power, reverse connection protection.

 IP30 protection grade, wave pattern aluminum enhance case; adopt standard industrial 35mm Din Rail installation.


Electrical Interface:

 3 pcs of 5pin port, conform the CiA organizational recommendation.

 Support CAN BUS/DeviceNet/CANOpen bus standard.

 Communication Rates: DeviceNet/CANOpen all and normal used rate grade, up to 1M.

 Have the protection function of 4000V anti-lightning,1.5A over-current and 600W surge-proof.

 Terminal Resistance: the equipment without terminal resistance, please use the external one when necessary.

Power and Protection:

 Power: dual power redundancy input, DC(9-36)V, typical DC24V, power consumption less than 4W, has DC1500V voltage isolation and reverse protection, industrial terminal interface.

 Relay alarm output: optical fiber link failure and power error alarm output, maximum capacity of contacts: DC48V/1A, industrial terminal interface.

Mechanical Properties:

 Dimensions: 132mm×105mm×52mm

 Casing: IP30 protection grade, wave pattern aluminum enhanced casing.

 Installation: 35mmDIN rail installation.

 Net weight: 800g

company profile

We focus on all kinds of Fieldbus to FO repeaters include:

Siemens Profibus-DP, GE-Genius, CANOpen, DeviceNet, A-B/Rockwell ControlNet, and Schneider Modbus Plus, Modbus, Modbus RTU, DH+, DH-485, S908 Remote I/O, RS232/485/422, and Analog: 4-20mA, 0-10V etc.

Business also covers Industrial Ethernet Switch, Media Converter, and Video Optical Transmission.

Now we have a quite mature domestic market, want to enlarge the business to other more countries, would you want to be our distributor?