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Single- Plate Screen Cchanger
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Accessories For Textile
Accessories for compact spinning Machines
Zhengzhou Anji Plastic Machinery Manufactory
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This series of screen changer consists of main body, slide plate, heater and hydraulic unit with

accumulator. It is driven by hydraulic power, and the slide plate carries 2 pieces breaker plates

can move linearly in both directions to achieve screen changing in a short time.



patented technology on the sealing system design. Automatic compensation on sealing gap can be

realized during screen changing process. Compatible with extruders for various polymers processing

at high output.

Filtration area ranges from ï¿ 30-ï¿ 360mm.

With highly precise design,

the screen has good abrasive resistant, high pressure performance, ensuring large effective

filtration area and improving filtration effect. It works well even under high temperature up to 300

℃ and high pressure up to 50 MPa.

Screen changing time ≤ 2 seconds with pressure



leak-free process

Minimum pressure drop

Improved products quality

Reduced waste materials

Reduced downtime & scrap

Reduced inlet pressure at extrusion die

Reduced temperature variations in the melt.

company profile

We are specializing in manufacturing of melt filtration systems and screen changers.Our products were exported to Singapore, India, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Philippines, South Africa, UK, Germany, Turkey, Slovenia, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, USA, Russia, and Australia,etc. Our products received CE certification in 2011.