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Bamboo Fiber Plant Growth Medium
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Natural (Plant Fibers)
Bamboo Fiber
Sichuan B&P Bamboo Industry Development Co.,Ltd
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This kind of plant growth medium is made from 100% original bamboo fiber, with 6 times water retention than old ecomat products, 100% biodegradable in soil, full of nutrients( without extra addition of nourishments);suitable for planting grass, eco-agriculture and other emerging farming.

In Japan, it is used for planting rice in the roofing, house side space, or gardening for house and city.

company profile

Sichuan B&P Bamboo Industry Development Co.,Ltd is a industrialized manufacturer of natural original bamboo fiber in china, and we provide bamboo fiber raw materials as:

1.bamboo spinning fiber for textiles

2.bamboo fiber nonwovens

3.bamboo fiberfill and stuffing

4.bamboo fiber for industrial filtering felt

5.bamboo fiber board and automotive interior decoration

6.bamboo fiber for ecological engineering.

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