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The B-Tex Big-Batching Machine, BIM-BB is a combination of small processes to join small fabric rolls to big batch.With years of experience and number of Installation,We are confident to supply many possible process in one machine.BIM-BB can make big batch fabric small rolls with additional equipments like Conveyors , Anti-Weighing, Auto-Sewing operation, Inspection Table with Lights , Brushing and Beating Unit, J-Scray with Plaiter & Big-Batch output option. This BIM-BB saves lots of space,manpower,time and number of operations are possible in one go. simple Roll to Batch machine can also be supplied for fabric width from 150 cms to 600 cms. BIM-BB is fully tailor-made machine and allows to join any possible process in same machine.


Suitable for all types for fabric Woven, Non-Woven & Technical Fabrics

Number of process can be incorporated like Sewing, Brushing, Inspection, J-Scray, etc.

Conveyor can be supplied for continous process

Fabric can be delivered in Big-Batch and Plaiter also.

Saves number of manpower, space and Time

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B-Tex designs, manufactures and distribute a complete range of inspection and rolling systems to satisfy the most demanding needs for finishing and make-up machinery in textile industry. We offer tailored solutions, whose strength lies in the high technology content of each product and the careful integration of different technologies. As a leading company in the global textile market, we are committed to satisfy our customers' requirements, thanks to high quality products and a comprehensive pre- and post-sales service.