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Rebar Coupler
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Air Jet Looms
diamond wire netting&finished products company
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* Designed and manufactured in compliance with ACI318, JGJ107, UBC 1997, BS8110, NF35-20-1, DIN1045,

ISO/WD 15835 (Draft).

* Full-Tension splice, bar break under tensile tests.

* Easy to operate

and maintain, High production efficiency and fast installation, no need for skilled technicians.


Several types of splices, which could be suitable for rebar splicing when the rebar cage or the

bending rebar is used.

* The splices could be produced in advance without influencing the

construction period.

* Inexpensive to purchase, maintain and repair.

* Couplers and threaded

bars are protected by plastic cover.

* Full traceability of material origin and production batch.

* Manufactured under strict quality assurance plan ISO 9001.

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Established 23 years ago, Diamond Wire Netting & Finished Products Company has five production departments now -- fences, chain link fence, razor wire, gabion boxes and finished wire-mesh products. We specialize in engineering wire mesh, and contract engineering design and installation projects in mainland China.