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Nishat Chunian Ltd
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• Ne 7/1 – 20/1 carded

• Ne 5.5/1 – 20/1 carded Stretch Slub

• Ne 10/1 – 20/1 combed Stretch and Stretch Slub

• Available in Lycra® or Spandex

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With our dedication towards quality, customer service and on-time delivery, we can be of valuable service to you and hope to start a mutually beneficial long term relationship with your organization. We look forward to hearing from you in hopes of evaluating future business opportunities.

Nishat Chunian Limited is one of the largest and fastest growing Textile Manufacturers in Pakistan. With more than 20 years of experience in textiles, NCL has developed a global reputation for excellence. Nishat Chunian is vertically integrated with major production capabilities in spinning, weaving, home textile dyeing, finishing and stitching. Our spinning division is equipped with 150,000 spindles located in five spinning mills with a production capacity of 45,000 tons per annum. We cover a wide range of ring-spun yarns from Ne 5/1 carded – Ne 130/1 combed including coarse yarns for Denim & Apparel, cotton-nylon & polyester yarns for Work-wear and fine cotton compact yarns for Shirting. Our textile products are exported all over the world for more than two decades and China, Hong Kong, Europe and USA are our major markets.