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Cotton Ring Pulling
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Natural (Plant Fibers)
Abaca Fiber
Emin Ol Tekstil
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100% Regenerated Cotton.

Fiber reclamation mills grade incoming material into type and color. The

color sorting means no re-dying has to take place, saving energy and pollutants. The textiles are

shredded into "shoddy" fibers and blended with other selected fibers, depending on the intended end

use of the recycled yarn. The blended mixture is carded to clean and mix the fibers and spun ready

for weaving or knitting. The fibers can also be compressed for mattress production. Textiles sent to

the flocking industry are shredded to make filling material for car insulation, roofing felts,

loudspeaker cones, panel linings and furniture padding.

For specialized polyester based

materials the recycling process is significantly different. The first step is to remove the buttons

and zippers then to cut the garments into small pieces. The shredded fabric is then granulated and

formed into small pellets. The pellets are broken down polymerized and turned into polyester


The chips are melted and spun into new filament fiber used to make new polyester


Some companies are creating new pieces of clothing from scraps of old clothes. By

combining and making new additions, the eclectic garments are marketed as a type of style.

company profile

Emin ol Textile established in Organized Industry Zone / Gaziantep by Emin YENER. Our factory freshly started its activity. Production in our factory is done 3000 m2 space area by one of the leader machines of "laroche" in our industry.

We are recycling the yarn,weaving and ready made clothes waste back to the cotton under control of our Professional employees. Our factory is generallly working with european and middle east countries and growing with a fast speed. We work %35 for the domestic market and %65 for export.

Our products have a performence and quality even over the European Standards. Furthermore it is possible to make modification on the following prportions upon request.