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CK5123Epro CNC Single-Column vertical lathe
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Dalian ZHENGHE Machinery Co., Ltd
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CK5123Epro CNC vertical lathe for sale

CNC Vertical Lathe (PRO)

 Such series of products is mature with professional design, has a huge market and steady quality, have square ram and Four station electric tool post for your choice. Have the features of big Torque, strong stiffness, heavy-load Cutting

 The working platform owns the function of waterproof and it is not necessary to worry that cutting fluid infiltrates into it. Siemens 802DSL system(user can appoint other system) is adopted; servo motor and servo drive all utilize Siemens products.

 Beam guiding surface and T model ram guideway is conducted with supersonic frequency quenching treatment (higher than HRC50)with the characteristics of durable service ; the sliding surface is sticking with the soft plastics belt, which can prolong the overhaul period for over 10 years at least.

 The independent electric cabinet is equipped with air conditioner for refrigerating, which prolongs the reliability and service life of the electric parts significantly, facilitates repair and maintenance, and is free from the influence of machine vibration. P3 high-precision lead screw produced by Nanjing Process or Taiwan HIWIN (P1 is the highest and P6 is the lowest degree),and imported bearing support. The beam is protected by the white steel, and all the lubrication parts are supplied with certain amount of oil by the automatic lubricating pumps regularly. Four-grade machine variable speed+motor stepless variable speed, wide range of constant power and large torque.

 JB/T9934.1-1999 precision inspection of CNC vertical lathe is performed.JB/T9934.2-1999 technical specification of CNC vertical lathe.

 Owning constant line speed turning, cutting thread and other functions.

 High-precision transmission gear (6grades) and high-precision spiral bevel gear (6 grades) with low noise and high rotary precision. All the castings are made of HT300 grey cast iron which is treated with artificial heat aging, high-quality processing and improved assembly process. All the functional parts and electric parts are in high quality with high reliability.

 Complete fitting configuration allows the user to put into operation only by preparing cutting tool and measuring tool. Best after-sale service (pre-sale, sale, after-sale, installation, debugging, training and guarantee)

Optional parts: Germany Mecano button station, constant flow hydrostatic guideway, oil temperature icebox, constant temperature refrigerator, grating closed loop, heighten lathe body, lengthened ram, etc.

company profile

ZHENG HE is located in Dalian, the largest port city in the north of china, and china’s most important production base for machine tools. It is committed to providing wide range of quality vertical lathes, vertical turning and milling centers, both conventional and CNC type, the machinery we sell is made in ISO 9001 facilities and is CE certified.

Our factory covers 30,000 square meters, has solid technical background, owns 30 senior professional technicians with extensive experience in technical, equipped with modern production equipments and related testing equipment, provide professional solutions and high-quality service .Products have been exported to many countries and regions. Through many years’ hard work and innovation, brand” ZHENGHE “is being walked quickly toward maturity.