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Jiangyin Selen Chemical Fiber Equipments Co. Ltd.
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We are professional spun-bonded polypropylene nonwoven production line manufacturer, There are twenty years production of nonwoven production line of history with a number of professional technical staff and excellent processing equipment. In order to adapt to market competition, we cooperate with professional institutions and Scientific Research Institute in technical, improve product level of technological innovation, develop new high-tech products. The company produces good quality products and takes reasonable business purposes, continues to win the trust of customers and is recommended by users all over the country. Products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions and are well-known in plastic machinery industry market.

Nonwoven production line introduction

Main process flow of nonwoven production line:

Chip conveying → extrusion melting → filtering spinning → air draft → suction laying → Breza consolidation → cloth, cutting → wrapper library

Raw materials of nonwoven production line:

Using spinnable polypropylene (PP) slices, performance should meet the following requirements:

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Non-woven production line main specification

A. annual 3000 tons/year (40 g/m2 per year 8000h)

B. product width 3200mm ,2400mm,1800mm

C. product specifications 10 ~ 160 g/m 2

D. single silk 1.5-2.5d

E. cloth maximum diameter 1000mm

F. < 1% of raw materials consumption

company profile

Please click our website www.selenchina.com for more infomation.

Jiangyin Selen Chemical Fiber Equipments Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing polyester staple fiber production line, nonwoven production line and plastic recycling line. Our products are exported and running stably in many countries.

We had our professional, experienced design, manufacture, process team. So we guarantee the good operation of the production line. Our products mainly can be divided as following;

1.3000TPA-30000 TPA recycle polyester solid and hollow conjugated staple fiber production line;

2. Non-woven production line

3. Plastic recycling line.

4. Unit machine and spare parts.

We are dedicated to improve the quality of our products, update our technology, and develop new products. Under the support of old and new customers and hard work of our staff, our company had achieved high-speed development in the past years. We had become one of the leaders in the chemical fiber machinery industry.

At the same time of our development, we had updated our history records and made new achievements once and again.

We will continuously update our standard, improve the quality of our products, and serve our customer at our best service. We cordially hope to cooperate with customers from home and abroad.