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Direct Dyes
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Dyes And Chemicals
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Direct Dyes
Phoenix Colours
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Liquid Direct Dye,Pulp Paper Dyes, Kraft Paper Dyes

Direct Dyes

Direct Orange 26

Direct Orange 34

Direct Orange 37

Direct Orange 39

Direct Orange 102

Direct Orange 108

Direct Orange 118

Direct Red 23

Direct Red 31

Direct Red 79

Direct Red 80

Direct Red 81

Direct Red 239

Direct Red 254

Direct Yellow 4

Direct Yellow 6

Direct Yellow 11

Direct Yellow 12

Direct Yellow 44

Direct Yellow 86

Direct Yellow 99

Direct Yellow 106

Direct Yellow 132

Direct Yellow 142

Direct Yellow 150

Direct Blue 1

Direct Blue 71

Direct Blue 86

Direct Blue 151

Direct Blue 199

Direct Blue 200

Direct Blue 218

Direct Violet 9

Direct Violet 35

Direct Violet 51

Direct Brown 44

Direct Brown 245

Direct Brown 249

Direct Brown MN

Direct Brown CN

Direct Brown BRLL

Direct Green 89

Direct Green 104

Direct Black 19

Direct Black 22

Direct Black 32

Direct Black 80

Direct Black 155

Direct Black 165

Direct Black 168

Direct Black 170

Direct Black 179

Liquid Direct Dyes available for Paper & Ink application.

For more details please go through our website: www.phoenixcolours.com

Direct Dyes is used in Paper products like Pulp Paper, Kraft Paper, Cardboard, Colour Paper, Textile Dyeing, Leather Dyeing, Tanning industry, Ink, Inkjet Ink, Bulk Ink, Water base.

Liquid Direct Dyes for Pulp paper, Kraft paper, Colour paper, Paper & Ink Industry.

company profile

Manufacturer & Exporter of Dyestuffs,Pigments, Intermediates & Chemicals based in INDIA. Specialized in Direct Dyes, Paper Dyes, Ink Dyes, Leather Dyes, Acid Dyes, Basic Dyes, Liquid Dyes, Solvent Dyes, Pigment Powder & Paste Full Range.

For more details please go through our website: www.phoenixcolours.com