Product Category : Fiber
Sub Category : Man Made Fibers
Product : PSF
Seller : Petroleum Industrials Materials Distribution Company (Vietnam)
Member Since : August 9th, 2012
Country of Origin : Vietnam
Selling Type : Globally

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Product Information
Pattern : Raw
Feature : Others
Product Description
Dear Sir, We would like to introduce ourselves as Petroleum Industrial Materials Distribution Company (PIMD), a subsidairy within PetroVietnam. We were established in January 2010 as a major distributor and trader of petrochemical products in Vietnam. We are currently the offical distributor of PetroVietnamís Polypropylene Plant and Polyester Plant. Our advantages include strong financial background (under PetroVietnam), a large customer networks (we have established direct relationships with more than 60 yarn producers and 100 plastic converters in Vietnam), a large warehouse system across the country and market understanding (we have weekly polyester and polyproplene market reports issued to our customers). Currently, PIMD is looking for international partners and customers to sell PetroVietnamís polyester staple fiber and polyester yarn to markets outside Vietnam. Our Polyester Plant has a designed annual capacity of 175 thousand MT, which produces polyester stable fiber (PSF) and polyester yarn (DTY). The plant uses Neumag technology in PSF production and Barmag technology in yarn production. Both of these processes are licensed by famous German Oerlikon company. Our polyester plant has almost finished trial runs and is expected to produce grade-A products in late QIII of 2012. Currently, our PSF grades (1.2D x 38 mm and 1.4D x 38 mm SD RW) have almost reached grade-A standards with only one or two techincal indices still missing standards by slight margins. However, we are still selling these near-grade-A PSF products at B-grade price. Our grade-B DTY products (150D/48F, 150D/96F SD slight intermingle) are also offer at competitive price levels. If you or your company is interested in these products or would like to become to our agent, please do not hesitate to contact us to explore our cooperation opportunites. Our contact information is included in our email signature below. We are looking forward to start business with you. P/S: Please refer to our attached product catalog for more information about our company and technical specsheets of our products. b.regards Jiang(ms)
Company Profile
We are PIMD Company , which belong to Vietnam National Oil & Gas Group . Our company are Official distribution of PetroVietnamís Dung Quat Polypropylenne (BSR) , We are distributing PP chip , Polyester Chip , PSF , POY , DTY for domestic maket , and also export to Asian maket Ö. .
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