Pet Barbed Fencing
Product Category : Fiber
Sub Category : Special Fibers
Product : Olefin Fiber
Seller : Paras Industries (India)
Member Since : March 7th, 2011
Country of Origin : India
Selling Type : Globally

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Pattern : Others
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Product Description
One of our Products is Pet Barbed wire which widely being used for fencing. We have introduced this product as suitable of G.I Barbed wire. The Pet Barbed wire looks same as G.I wire from distance as we have given same color as G.I. Wire to our PET Wire and Nails which have been used are of G.I only but the Horizontal wires which have been used is of PET/Polyester. We can provide other color then Gray (Same as G.I wire color) also. Advantages of using PET Barbed wire are: • No Rust • No Elongation • Easy Fixing • Water Heat & U.V rays can’t affect • Contain far more length compare to G.I Barbed Wire • Simple & Economical, minimum 30% Cost Saving • Company warrantee 3 Years The Pet Barbed wire contains 78 to 80 feet length as compare to G.I barbed wire contain length Appx. 30 to 35 feet Per Kg. So its quite cost effective also
Company Profile
Dear Sir, WE ARE PLEASED TO INTRODUCE OUR SELVES AS PROVIDING COMPLETE PACKAGING SOLUTIONS DEALING WITH ALL BIG CORPORATES, ALL OVER INDIA IN VARIOUS SEGMENTS LIKE CERAMIC INDUSTRIES, TEXTILE, PHARMACEUTICALS, AUTOMOBILE, NEWS PAPER / PUBLISHER, CONSUMER AND INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS PACKAGING. We offer customer specific packaging solutions and dedicated service support in all sectors of industry like FMCG, Fiber, Engineering, Textiles, Paper, Tiles, Metals etc. OUR STRENGTH • Sustained customer satisfaction • Team of qualified and skilled professionals • Support of group companies for faster development of world class technology, process and products. PRODUCT RANGE PET Strap: A substitute of steel strap is produced from environment protective Polyethylene Terephthalate Material. And sizes ranging from 9 MM to 19 MM in width and 0.55 MM to 1.2 MM in thickness, PET strap provides the most efficient and cost effective way to protect your product. It is used for palletizing, reinforcing, stacking, bailing and packaging and bundling of articles through manual metal cliff sealing, electric or battery operated and pneumatic strapping tool and fully automatic strapping machine. Bopp Tape: We offer sizes from 12 MM TO 72 MM in 25/ 30 MICRON Plain as well as printed suitable for Manual as well as Machine operation Angle Board (Edge Protector): All Sizes available Width from 20 MM TO 75 MM & in Thickness 2 MM UP TO 6 MM, If any special size required, we take order for bulk quantity Stretch Film: Available from 100 MM to 1000 MM in width for Machine and Manual use  Application With the unique advantage, Polyester straps are widely used in many different branches of industry, such as ceramic industrial, wood industry, can packing industry, fibre packing, steel industry, architecture materials binding, paper plants, aluminum ingot, chemical industry and glass industry and so on.
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