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Daily Textile Prices

Online access to feedstock, intermediates, fibres and yarn prices.

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Monthly Textile
PriceWatch Report

A crisp analysis of the market and price movements in the entire textile value chain.

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Weekly Textile
PriceWatch Report

Price and market trend analysis on textile value chains across upstream and downstream sectors globally.

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Annual issue that covers the trends in individual country's demand and supply of fibres/filaments.

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Annual issue that covers the trends in individual product's/industry's demand and supply.

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Textile Market Prices and Intelligence Services

YnFx is the world's premier and most trusted market intelligence platform, with a mission to provide companies in global textile and chemical markets a competitive edge by delivering authentic and timely pricing data and high-value market analysis. We are driven by the need to help our members improve their business process efficiency by providing insightful reports which assists in achieving informed decisions.

Why choose YnFx?

In vibrant and volatile textile market conditions, doing business has in many ways proved to be quite challenging. But these buy-sell challenges can be faced by taking well informed decisions. And therefore we, at YnFx, strive to revolutionize the market information mechanism with reliable textile prices and market trend reports services which would assist you in your business decision making process.

YnFx reports helps you in identifying whether your suppliers are selling you at the right price and/or ensures your pricing in the market is competitive. We provide valuable information on price and market trends, news, analysis and customized reports which empowers you to keep abreast of the latest in the industry.


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YnFx Price Index - 21 Feb, 2020

US crude oil Futures
Trend 0.36%
Ethylene, NE, CFR
Trend 0%
Ethylene, USG, Del
Trend 0%
Ethylene, NWE, CIF
Trend -0.06%
Paraxylene, Korea, FOB
Trend 0.27%
Paraxylene, Rott, FOB
Trend 0.29%

News & Views

Sustainable denim revolution at Kingpins Amsterdam

25 Oct , 2019

One Million Liters initiative has been launched today as part of the opening of KingPins Show in Amsterdam, which is one of the most important global events in denim. The campaign’s core mission is to raise awareness by showing how changing one part of the production or manufacturing process can speed up change towards a more sustainable textile industry.

Global uncertainty affects BASF

25 Oct , 2019

Chemicals group BASF has reported revenues of €46.5 billion for the first nine months of 2019, a fall of 2% on the figure for the corresponding period last year. Its pre-tax earnings were down by substantially more, falling by 34% year on year to reach €3.7 billion. The group said it had had a “significantly lower contribution” from its materials segment, which brought in revenues of €8.8 billion over the nine-month period, a decline of 15%.

PrimaLoft ties up with Parley for the ocean

25 Oct , 2019

PrimaLoft and environmental organisation Parley for the Oceans have announced a strategic partnership that will take plastic intercepted from remote islands, beaches and coastal communities and use it to manufacture high-performance insulation products. PrimaLoft, a leading expert in advanced material technology, will be the first insulation provider in the textiles industry to partner with Parley to develop products from marine plastic waste. This represents another step forward for PrimaLoft in its efforts to be Relentlessly Responsible.